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Bug 291 - ft_multiplotXXX, interactive, plots only subset of electrodes for the topoplot

Reported 2010-12-09 16:17:00 +0100
Modified 2011-09-21 17:45:13 +0200
Product: FieldTrip
Component: plotting
Version: unspecified
Hardware: PC
Operating System: Linux
Importance: P1 normal
Assigned to:
Depends on:
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Gio Piantoni - 2010-12-09 16:17:14 +0100

Created attachment 13 topoplot selected using interactive, half electrodes missing The option interactive is very powerful to investigate effects of interest. When I plot: cfg = []; cfg.interactive = 'yes'; cfg.layout = lay; ft_multiplotTFR(cfg, data); it correctly plots all the electrodes on the scalp. I can then select a subset of electrodes (f.e. left hemisphere) and it correctly plots the ft_singleplotTFR for the average of those electrodes. If I select an area of interest in the singleplot, it calls topoplot. However, topoplot does not plot all the electrodes, but only those that were interactively selected (see attachment, only electrodes in left hemisphere). If you select one or two electrodes, it throws an error. Let me know if you need more information. Thanks, Gio

Roemer van der Meij - 2010-12-09 20:45:08 +0100

Hey Giovanni, Did this occur in a version you downloaded after yesterday? (or in the dev-version). If so, it is probably a side-effect of me adding a option in the multiplotXXX/topoplotXXX functions. The cfg.interactive option also had several other bugs though, I'll have a thorough through all of the code. For now, you can easily make a workaround by commenting the calls to ft_selectdata out, it's one line per plot-function and should be somewhere in the beginning and must have an option in it like 'selchan' or so (there must be other calls to checkdata in there as well). If that causes other problems, you also need to comment out the defaulting of Best, Roemer

Gio Piantoni - 2010-12-10 13:43:06 +0100

Hi Roemer, It happened indeed only in the latest version. Commenting ft_selectdata out did the trick for me. I really like the plotting functions and especially the interactive option, fast and easy to use. Keep up the good work, Gio

Roemer van der Meij - 2011-09-21 17:11:08 +0200

Could somebody check whether this is still a bug?

Gio Piantoni - 2011-09-21 17:34:53 +0200

It works perfectly now. The 'interactive' option follows the expected behavior. Tested with ft_multiplotER and ft_multiplotTFR in version 4247

Roemer van der Meij - 2011-09-21 17:45:13 +0200

Wow, thanks for the quick reply on a bug 10 years ago! :). Closing the bug