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Bug 2674 - spike functions get errors because ft_preamble_trackconfig

Reported 2014-08-13 17:19:00 +0200
Modified 2015-07-15 13:31:23 +0200
Product: FieldTrip
Component: core
Version: unspecified
Hardware: PC
Operating System: Linux
Importance: P5 normal
Assigned to: Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen
Depends on:
See also:

Diego Lozano Soldevilla - 2014-08-13 17:19:44 +0200

most of the spike functions get errors because the cfg.progress is not allowed. I don't know since when but ft_preamble_tackconfig merges the ft_defaults cfg fields, being the 'progress' field one of them: bash-4.1$ grep "cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed'" *.m | grep -v ':%' ft_spikedensity.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'outputunit', 'spikechannel', 'latency', 'trials', 'vartriallen', 'keeptrials', 'timwin', 'winfunc', 'winfuncopt', 'fsample', 'warning'}); ft_spike_isi.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'param', 'outputunit', 'bins', 'spikechannel', 'latency', 'trials', 'keeptrials', 'warning'}); ft_spike_jpsth.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'latency', 'trials', 'keeptrials', 'method', 'normalization', 'channelcmb', 'warning'}); ft_spike_plot_isireturn.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'spikechannel', 'scatter', 'density', 'colormap', 'interpolate', 'scattersize', 'dt', 'window', 'winlen', 'gaussvar', 'warning'}); ft_spike_plot_jpsth.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'channelcmb', 'psth', 'latency', 'colorbar', 'colormap', 'interpolate', 'window', 'winlen', 'gaussvar', 'warning'}); ft_spike_plot_psth.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'spikechannel', 'latency', 'errorbars', 'ylim', 'warning'}); ft_spike_plot_raster.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'spikechannel', 'latency', 'trials', 'linewidth', 'cmapneurons',... ft_spike_psth.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'outputunit', 'binsize', 'spikechannel', 'trials', 'latency', 'vartriallen', 'keeptrials', 'warning'}); ft_spike_rate.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'outputunit', 'spikechannel', 'trials', 'latency', 'vartriallen', 'keeptrials', 'warning'}); ft_spiketriggeredaverage.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'timwin', 'spikechannel', 'channel', 'keeptrials', 'feedback', 'latency', 'trials', 'warning', 'progress'}); ft_spiketriggeredspectrum_convol.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'taper', 'borderspikes', 't_ftimwin', 'foi', 'spikechannel', 'channel', 'taperopt', 'rejectsaturation','tapsmofrq', 'warning'}); ft_spike_waveform.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'align', 'rejectclippedspikes', 'rejectonpeak', 'interpolate', 'normalize', 'spikechannel', 'fsample', 'warning'}); ft_spike_xcorr.m:cfg = ft_checkconfig(cfg, 'allowed', {'latency', 'trials', 'keeptrials', 'method', 'channelcmb', 'vartriallen', 'debias', 'maxlag', 'binsize', 'outputunit', 'warning'}); Are there reasons to do not allow 'progress'?

Martin Vinck - 2014-08-14 15:25:24 +0200

No reasons, it should be allowed. This error occurred because of a change to ft_preamble functions.

Martin Vinck - 2014-08-14 15:25:55 +0200

We can also remove the allowed line, but it makes the functions more prone to user errors.

Diego Lozano Soldevilla - 2014-08-14 16:05:33 +0200

(In reply to Martin Vinck from comment #2) Thanks for your reply Martin. I agree with you to keep the allowed line: Sending ft_spike_isi.m Sending ft_spike_jpsth.m Sending ft_spike_maketrials.m Sending ft_spike_plot_isireturn.m Sending ft_spike_plot_jpsth.m Sending ft_spike_plot_psth.m Sending ft_spike_plot_raster.m Sending ft_spike_psth.m Sending ft_spike_waveform.m Sending ft_spike_xcorr.m Sending ft_spiketriggeredspectrum_convol.m Sending ft_spiketriggeredspectrum_stat.m Transmitting file data ............ Committed revision 9774. The commit is tested using test_tutorial_spike.m and test_tutorial_spikefield.m test functions. I'll keep an eye on the committed functions in the next dashboard

Diego Lozano Soldevilla - 2014-08-15 17:23:25 +0200

(In reply to Diego Lozano Soldevilla from comment #3) I forgot to update ft_spikedensity Sending ft_spikedensity.m Transmitting file data . Committed revision 9775.

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - 2015-02-11 10:58:30 +0100


Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - 2015-02-11 11:02:40 +0100

It seems to me that Diego has taken care of this properly. Please feel free to re-open if there are still problems.