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Bug 1995 - indicate marked fiducials in ft_sourceplot

Reported 2013-02-19 11:56:00 +0100
Modified 2014-06-18 12:34:43 +0200
Product: FieldTrip
Component: core
Version: unspecified
Hardware: PC
Operating System: Windows
Importance: P3 normal
Assigned to: Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen
Depends on:
See also:

Jörn M. Horschig - 2013-02-19 11:56:42 +0100

Currently, fiducials can be marked but the user receives no 1) text feedback whether the marking was successful and 2) graphical feedback about the location of the fiducials not sure if such feedback is provided in ft_volumerealign. If it is, take that code as an example how to provide feedback. If not, change the caption of this bug and do this also for ft_volumerealign

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - 2014-05-19 09:50:15 +0200

I suggest to remove this functionality from ft_sourceplot altogether. I think it would be good to have this implemented only at one location, i.e. in ft_volumerealign

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - 2014-06-12 13:50:12 +0200

Discussed in ft-meeting 2014/06/11: remove functionality

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - 2014-06-12 13:51:12 +0200

BTW in ft_volumerealign, the user is prompted on the commandline where the fiducials/landmarks are located

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - 2014-06-12 14:09:16 +0200

bash-4.1$ svn commit -m "enhancement - removed functionality of specifying fiducials and removed output argument" ft_sourceplot.m Sending ft_sourceplot.m Transmitting file data . Committed revision 9616.