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Bug 1956 - use volumesmooth in place of all calls to spm_smooth in FT code

Reported 2013-01-25 12:19:00 +0100
Modified 2013-06-06 15:14:52 +0200
Product: FieldTrip
Component: core
Version: unspecified
Hardware: PC
Operating System: Windows
Importance: P3 normal
Assigned to: Johanna
Depends on:
Blocks: 1902
See also:

Johanna - 2013-01-25 12:19:06 +0100

due to the fact that spm_smooth somehow changes the input as well as the output! That seems unexpected behaviour and can lead to unexpected consequences.

Jörn M. Horschig - 2013-01-25 12:24:18 +0100

yea, hooray on pointers! seriously, I agree since this is not what the average matlab user expects

Diego Lozano Soldevilla - 2013-02-13 13:56:08 +0100

jorn suspects this might cause a big (problematic, exponential) increase in memory requirements, something to keep in mind. the rest is not so worried.

Johanna - 2013-02-20 17:32:06 +0100

code identified to change: ft_prepare_sourcemodel.m ft_volumedownsample.m changed ft_prepare_sourcemodel.m (svn 7511) No change needed to ft_volumedownsample, as the intention there is to actually change the mri.(field) that is given as input.