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Bug 1678 - Figures in the visual artifact rejection tutorial are inconsistent

Reported 2012-08-28 15:25:00 +0200
Modified 2018-03-10 21:33:47 +0100
Product: FieldTrip
Component: documentation
Version: unspecified
Hardware: PC
Operating System: Windows
Importance: P3 minor
Assigned to:
Depends on:
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Roemer van der Meij - 2012-08-28 15:25:08 +0200

See Figures sometimes are a screencap from the entire UI, sometimes a cut-out screencap containing the figure-window, and sometimes a screencap where all UI-elements are cut-out.

- 2013-09-24 16:02:36 +0200

Looked at a few of the other tutorial pages and have the UI-elements removed. For the purpose of artifact rejection I think it is sufficient to only have the figure window, I will work on this

- 2013-09-24 18:01:08 +0200

In trying to recreate the last figure (using ft_databrowser) I noticed that the code shown in the wiki didn't work, so this has been updated. Furthermore, I did not recreate the figures (pre and post-click) because it is most optimal as currently shown - hence this will be the only figure not showing the figure window, the rest all show the figure window but without the UI-elements.

Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen - 2013-09-25 09:54:57 +0200

That's fine Nietzsche.

Roemer van der Meij - 2013-09-25 11:28:50 +0200

Awesome! Thanks for picking this up ;)